Dungeon Hunter 4

Enter mythical worlds as you build your character and complete new levels

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Experience the new epic action-adventure RPG from Gameloft!

Now you can take hack and slash to whole new levels with a brand new storyline and campaign. This dark fantasy adventure comes jam-packed with never before seen enemies and massive boss battles. Journey through engaging dungeons focused around every RPG fan's favorite reward: loot.

Get sucked in by a deeper, more immersive combat and upgrade system. Upgrade skills with points after leveling up, and craft new, special gear. Customize your gear with runes gained as loot on your quest. With four types of characters to choose from, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Battleworn - The "tank" of the character classes. The Battleworn is heavily armored and uses heavy-duty broadswords for devastating area-of-effect attacks.

Blademaster - A swordsman and weapons artist, the Blademaster has amazing speed that is unmatched in one-on-one combat. With certain magic spells, this warrior can turn invisible and even suck the energy from an enemy.

Warmage - A master of the arcane arts, the Warmage is equipped with spells that can turn him into a walking nuke bomb or teleport away when the enemy gets within spitting distance. Beware though because his armor is weak.

Sentinel - Using bows, the Sentinel hits from afar. With a mix of trap spells and spread shot ranged spells, the Sentinel is as deadly as it is cunning.

Forget Solo, Bring the Group - Now with multiplayer action you can team up to take on the battle CO-OP style. Not into storyline? No problem! Engage your friends in team deathmatch to prove your skills and show everyone who rules the arena.

Dungeon Hunter 4 even includes daily rewards with the Prize Wheel! Test your luck on the prize wheel once a day to earn free runes, health and magic upgrades, skill book unlocks and diamonds used for speeding up upgrades or gaining rare gear.

Keep the game going with new events! Try out new dungeons like Voice of the Vault, Haunted Sactum, Shattered Temple and Crimson Stronghold.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Pros and Cons:


1. FREE! The game in its entirety is free. If you choose, there's In App Purchases available to boost your gameplay to a whole new level.

2. Multiple Character classes to choose from. On top of that, choose male or female characters to fit your gaming style.

3. EPIC Boss battles and hundreds of rare loot to find or create.

4. Multiplayer Action! Need I say more? Ok then?

5. The longest, darkest storyline yet. Get lost for hours finding out the secrets to your character's background.


1. Limited Health potions to equip. You can only take three with you at a time, so play wisely! Upgrading it requires an In App Purchase.

2. Bugs - Every game has them. Dungeon Hunter 4 has its share.

3. IAP are fairly expensive. They aren't required to make the game enjoyable, but they aren't cheap either.

Overall - Dungeon Hunter 4 is a solid RPG and worth playing through. Besides, you can't beat FREE!

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